HSE Invest, a subsidiary of the HSE Group based in Maribor, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this June. During this time, the company has implemented almost eight hundred energy projects to help provide the Slovenian electricity system with 1,200 MW of installed power. With a team of more than fifty experts, HSE Invest is today a leading company in the field of design and executive engineering for large solar power plants and the use of wind and water potential for power production. In recent years, it has been particularly active in providing environmental solutions in the field of so-called environmental construction. Like the entire HSE Group, HSE Invest is committed to a decisive transition to a carbon-free society and will continue to participate constructively in this project.
The principal activity of HSE Invest is consultative engineering for all types of facilities, provided from the earliest stages of the project to the construction and handover of the facility. It mainly participates in the construction of new production facilities that are more environmentally friendly (solar, wind and new hydro power plants), and in projects that result in efficient energy use.

It has the most references in the field of hydro power, where in 2002, immediately after being established, it joined the project to build five hydro power plants on the lower Sava River. It also participated in the renovation of the existing hydro power plants in Slovenia: it successfully concluded the renovation of Zlatoličje, the largest solar power plant in Slovenia, which included the renovation of the dam in Melje and reconstruction of the 17-km downstream canal. It also participated in the construction of the first pumped-storage hydro power plant in Slovenia, Avče on the Soča River, and it is also experienced in measuring and planning the exploitation of wind power, projects for the exploitation of waste heat, co-generation of heat and electricity and exploitation of geothermal energy. HSE Invest is also being increasingly hired as designer and engineer in infrastructure projects: it has participated in the construction of roads, bridges, viaducts, retaining walls and tall buildings. The company also participated in the construction of the largest thermal power production facility in Slovenian, Unit 6 of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant (TEŠ), which is an essential facility in Slovenia for self-sufficiency in electricity and reliable operation of the power system. Finally, the activities of HSE Invest are not limited only to Slovenia, as many projects have been implemented in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and even in South Africa.

Recently, the company has been paying a lot of attention to the development of solar power plants and is the largest design company in this field. It is actively involved in the remediation of brownfield sites. An example of such practice is the recently built Prapretno Solar Power Plant, which is currently the largest solar power plant in Slovenia at 3 megawatts of installed power. The total installed power of all the solar projects in which HSE Invest will participate is more than 50 MW, which is sufficient for the supply of approximately 800 households.
Jure Šimic, the director of the company HSE Invest, sees the future of energy in new diversified production facilities from renewable sources: “I’m talking mainly about large solar power plants, large hydro power units and wind farms. In order to ensure the flexibility required by the transmission system operator, great attention will also be paid to energy storage facilities: battery storage facilities, pumped-storage power plants, hydrogen technologies and the like. HSE Invest closely follows the development of requirements and technologies in the energy sector and we believe that we will continue to be an important business partner in their implementation.”

Corporate communication department of the HSE Group