The HSE Group is the largest producer of electricity from renewable sources in Slovenia. Water, wind and solar energy represent 56 percent of the entire portfolio of the HSE Group, and in Slovenia we produce more than 80 percent of all ‘green’ electricity. This is mainly due to the hydro power plants on the Drava, Soča and Sava rivers. All future plans of the HSE group are also aimed at the so-called green breakthrough, and the results in this area are already visible today. This is also evident from the published Sustainability Report of the HSE Group for 2021.

In the last decade, the HSE Group reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1,400,000 tons, or by as much as 30 percent, and sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 75 percent, despite the operation of the only coal block in Slovenia, Unit 6 of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant. The fact that TEŠ Unit 6 produces almost a third more electricity than before 2016 is not negligible here, and with investments we are still improving its efficiency. In 2021 alone, the HSE Group had as much as 10 percent less CO2 emissions than the year before.

In the HSE group, we are aware of the importance of the goals of the ‘Prepared for 55’ program and the associated green transition from fossil to renewable sources. In accordance with the National strategy to phase out coal and restructure coal regions, we advocate for the adoption of the law on the closure of the Velenje Coal Mine as soon as possible, with, of course, the expectation that the transformation will take place in accordance with the principles of a just transition, which will also enable the drawing of funds from the Just Transition Fund. We will focus mainly on investment in the introduction of technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and those for strengthening the circular economy. The goals of all of the above are to preserve and create jobs, facilitate the transition to a climate-neutral economy by 2050 at the latest, and ensure security of supply and energy self-sufficiency.

We also make sure that our planned projects comply with the EU taxonomy and related technical criteria. In addition, we are constantly taking additional measures to reduce the impact on the environment, both in terms of the use of materials, their reuse and recycling. We invest a lot in the good condition of the water and take care of the biodiversity along our rivers, and year after year we also prove that our hydro power plants successfully coexist with the natural environment and that they have a positive impact on safety against floods and on agricultural land.

In 2021, despite the strained situations due to the COVID-19 epidemic, 3,203 of our employees contributed to a record 2.9 billion euros in revenue and more than 147,000 euros in added value per employee. This is also the result of continuously building relationships with our key stakeholders. We are aware that only a satisfied employee makes a significant contribution to business results. That is why we always take care of their education, develop the competences of managers and fill positions with promising young personnel. At the same time, we also support many associations, clubs and organisations, especially those in the local environments where our production facilities operate.

And last but not least, the social impact of the HSE Group, measured through economic indicators, was almost half a billion euros in 2021, taking into account all contributions to national and municipal budgets.

Corporate Communications Department of the HSE Group