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On the occasion of the World Water Day on 22 March 2023, Soške elektrarne Nova Gorica d.o.o. (SENG) and the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia presented the joint project Soča, a source of energy, which is part of the official GO! 2025 programme. They are planning a modern museum installation on the theme of energy and renewable sources on the Soča River, one of the best-preserved rivers in the Alpine world, which will be launched at the Doblar Hydroelectric Power Plant.

The company Soške elektrarne owns several gems of technical and cultural heritage – the power plants on the Soča River that started operating in the first third of the 20th century. Three of them – Zadlaščica, Log and Možnica – are located within the Triglav National Park. The museum installation in the complex of the Doblar power plant, which is still in operation, aims to highlight the importance of the Soča River in the electrification of Slovenia, to talk about energy and renewable sources, and to create modern programmes for children and young people in the field of energy. The authors have conceived the installation as a museum trail, where it will be possible to see the impressive architectural heritage with remnants of industrial infrastructure, such as the turbine and generator. Visitors will also be introduced to the natural features of the environment, from the geology to the geography, flora and fauna along the Soča River. The Doblar hydroelectric power plant will thus become a new entry point for local visitors and tourists on their way to the upper Soča River region.

STATEMENT by Mitja Gorjan, director general of the company SENG d.o.o.: 

“The purpose of the museum at the Doblar hydroelectric power plant is to present to the general public an important chapter in the history of industrialisation and progress in the energy supply of the Soča River region. In addition, the museum will evaluate the important technical heritage and show the development of technology in the field of electrical energy. In the light of the green transition, it will raise awareness of the need to find a balance between nature conservation and the development of technologies that make our lives easier.

The museum, which will be built on the site of the 85-year-old Doblar hydroelectric power plant, is a tribute to the energy of the Soča River and to the generations of employees who have co-created the “story of light” in Primorska.”

STATEMENT by Mija Lorbek, acting director of GO 2025: 

“Business companies are an important strategic partner for the European Capital of Culture programmes. We are all the more pleased that this partnership has taken place right next to the green thread of our entire programme, the Soča River. It is when confronted with the energy of nature that human creativity – both technical and artistic – is at its best.” The launch of the project was announced at today’s press conference at the Doblar Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Journalists had the opportunity to see the interior of this 85-year-old power plant, which does not hide its pride in its rich technical heritage and the mission it still performs with quality and reliability today. It was built between 1936 and 1938 and started operating in 1939.

SENG also offered a guided tour of the power plant infrastructure and the interesting and picturesque Podselo barrier to all interested parties.