At today’s session, the Supervisory Board of Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (HSE) gave its approval to the Management Board of HSE to appoint new management boards of the companies Termoelektrarna Šoštanj d.o.o. (TEŠ), Dravske Elektrarne Maribor d.o.o. (DEM), HSE EDT d.o.o. and HSE BH d.o.o.

From now on, the Management Board of DEM will be a two-member arrangement, ensuring better planning and management of many projects in the field of electricity production from renewable sources. Aleksander Brunčko, who will take over on 1 December 2021 as Director General of the company for a full, four-year term, has a master’s degree in business and more than twenty years of managerial experience. He has been employed by the HSE Group since 2007 in various managerial and executive posts. Since the end of 2020, he has been a consultant and assistant director of DEM, and during that time he was also a procurator in the company HSE Invest. At today’s session, consent was also given to the appointment of Damjan Seme as the Director of the company DEM for a four-year term. Seme, who will take office on 1 January 2022, has more than sixteen years of work experience, of which the first four years were with the HSE Group. For the last twelve years he has held managerial and executive posts in the company C&G d.o.o., which operates in the field of power projects.  Damjan Seme is also a member of the Supervisory Board of HSE d.o.o., from which he will resign after assuming the new post. Andrej Tumpej, who has so far served as the Director General of DEM, remains employed by DEM.

Appointed as the Director General of TEŠ as of 1 January 2022 for a full, four-year term is Matjaž Vodušek, who holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in economics and business. He has almost 30 years of work experience, more than half of which has been in managerial and executive posts. For the last 13 years, he has worked in the energy sector, and he was the director of the company SODO for twelve years. Mitja Tašler is staying on at TEŠ as a director.

The Supervisory Board of HSE d.o.o. also gave its consent at today’s session for a four-year extension of the term of the Director of HSE EDT Ervin Renko, also as of 1 January. Ervin Renko spent most of his almost thirty-year career at the former Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant, today Energetska Družba Trbovlje, where he first worked as a gas turbine operator and later as a project manager, assistant project director and representative of the management for ecology.

Consent for an extension of up to two years of the term of the current Director of the company HSE BH Energetsko Preduzeće d.o.o. Sarajevo Zlatko Sahadžić. In the company, which was established for the purpose of optimal trading of the HSE Group in a broader geographical area, Mr Sahadžić has gained experience both in terms of the operation of the local electricity market and the operation of regulatory and other institutions with which he actively communicates and cooperates locally.