Media centre / Press releases / HSE GROUP SUCCESSFULLY SWITCHES TO 15-MINUTE METERING INTERVAL (en translation)


The Holding Slovenske Elektrarne Group successfully switched from a one-hour to a 15-minute metering interval in December 2020. The adjustment was needed because of the electricity market operation rules, and HSE introduced the 15-minute metering interval an entire month before the deadline set by law.

The HSE Group is the largest producer of electricity in Slovenia and trades in a total of 20 European countries. As members, we are present in all major European futures and daily electricity exchanges, while the growth of production from renewable sources and development of smart networks puts us at the forefront of daily trading, in which we are present for 24 hours a day every day of the week. With a portfolio of adaptable sources of production of electricity, we are one of the main daily traders in Southeast Europe.

The transition to the 15-minute metering interval required a lot of preparations, extensive upgrades and adjustments of applications and data flows. At the end of 2019, we concluded the project to upgrade the HSE control centre, which enabled us to plan and implement operations in the 15-minute metering interval. Adjustments were also made in the remaining control centres of the HSE Group, including adjustment of the application for electricity exchange schedule and of the application for the supply of auxiliary services.

The extensive upgrade and adjustments were running smoothly despite the circumstances related to the Covid-19 epidemic. The transition was made in only one day, without disruption.

Head of HSE production division Matjaž Eberlinc is optimistic after the successful transition. He has forecast the following: “The HSE will not run out of challenges in the future. We have noticed that the trend of shortening temporal resolution of products and the time between the purchase and start of activation of product continues.”