Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of EURELECTRIC, visited today the HSE Group. They agreed that HSE will take the initiative in cooperation with the association for strengthening the connection of production companies in the Western Balkans region, with the emphasis on accelerating a sustainable electricity supply industry in the region.

Kristian Ruby was appointed as the Secretary General at EURELECTRIC, key energy association on the EU level representing the interests of European energy companies before the European Commission, in January 2017. The association represents the electricity sector in 30 European countries and connects 3,500 companies in the production and distribution of electric power. During his stay in Slovenia, which is also an important member of this sector association, he also joined meetings on Thursday, 16 March 2017, at HSE as the largest Slovenian producer of electric power and key Slovenian member of EURELECTRIC section.

“The main subject of conversation was the strengthening of the negotiating strength of production businesses in implementation of their interests from the winter batch. We are talking about the changes in energy legislation in the EU after 2020,” explained Gorazd Skubin, CEO of HSE. One of the most important goals in relation to the subject is to provide an equal position on the market for companies that have not received incentives for renewable energy sources and are taking the highest load of intensive transition to carbon-free production of electricity after 2050.

They discussed with Secretary General Kristian Ruby that, in cooperation with the EURELECTRIC association, HSE would take the initiative for strengthening connections of production businesses in the Western Balkans region. “The emphasis will be on acceleration of sustainable power supply in the region in accordance with market principles and in an environmentally acceptable manner. Slovenia has important water resources for the needs of European energetic transition. And assurance of profitability of sources in a new market environment will be particularly important in safe energy supply to the region,” told Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of the association, after the HSE meeting.

EURELECTRIC will organise their traditional annual 2018 conference in Slovenia.