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The FARCROSS project, co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, in which HSE participates with a project team consisting of Jernej Brglez, Jernej Otič, Andrej Knuplež and Boris Moličnik, has entered its last quarter. Test systems for the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies to improve the utilisation, capacity and efficiency of the transmission network have been developed as part of the project since October 2019. The project successfully went through its second reporting period, which ended on 21 June 2022 with a revision of the project. The detailed review of investments, development phases, results and the manner in which the project is managed was assessed as very good. It is a very complex project in terms of the areas it covers, the size of the consortium, the number of partners and the finances.

The last quarter of the project will be particularly demanding from the aspect of obtaining results, as it is necessary to carry out detailed testing and obtain realistic results for the test systems that have been created and developed as part of the project so far. Most test platforms will be tested on the existing transmission systems in several participating countries.

Numerous professional and scientific publications and presentations at several professional conferences prove that the work in the project is conducted in accordance with the planned guidelines and that the results obtained so far have great significance from the scientific point of view.

Among the latest high-profile events that confirm the quality work of the project partners is an award by the Greek transmission network operator to the Modular Power Flow Control (MPFC) demonstration assembly, which is being developed as part of the WP4 task force. The main research areas of the task force are:

  • to design and adapt a demonstration solution for power flow control between transmission system operators;
  • to increase cross-border transmission capacity by using advanced power flow systems;
  • to reduce the limitation of RES;
  • to test the ability to increase market integration with modular power flow control solutions.

Every year, the Greek transmission network operator IPTO organises a Strategic Meeting at which the achievements of the past year are presented, goals and strategies for the future are set and awards are conferred on the most successful employees and projects.

Three pillars of the new 2022-2024 strategy were presented at this year’s Strategic Meeting:

  1. Reliability and safety in demanding environments.
  2. Evaluation of infrastructure in order to provide services with high added value.
  3. Development of activities of the energy transition.

In view of the above-mentioned activities in the development of the demonstration assembly of the WP4 task force as part of the FARCROSS project, the Commission and the IPTO management assessed that the mentioned demonstration model covers a research area that encompasses most of the set goals for the future. It thus conferred on the WP4 task force of the FARCROSS project an award for one of the best projects of the past year.

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