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Did you know that the Drava river is one of the most energetically exploited rivers in the world, almost 100%?


Did you know?

Did you know that 400 schools and kindergartens and more than 8,000 children partecipated in the MJ project?

Modri Jan

Modri Jan is one of the projects that came to life thanks to Holding Slovenske elektrarne (Slovenian Power Plants Holding) and Blue Fund (Modri sklad). The main aim of Modri Jan is to inform children on environmental  protection, education concerning renewable energy sources, nature and its preservation.

Did you know that HSE is the largest electricity producer in Slovenia?

Electrical lines

8,492 GWh is a record annual production of electrical energy generated by companies belonging to the HSE Group. 69 turbines annually produce 4,460 GWh of electrical power from water, while two thermal power stations with 4 blocks and 4 gas turbines produce 3,969 GWh of electricity.

Did you know that of all the energy produced by the HSE Group 47% was hydro energy and 53% thermal energy?


69 water turbines, with a maximum power of 998 MW, all streaming and storage hydro power stations in the HSE Group, annually produce less energy than two thermal power stations with 4 blocks, 4 turbines and 851 MW maximum power.

Did you know that the Drava river is one of the most energetically exploited rivers in the world, almost 100%?

Hydro power plant

Due to high water levels and sharp dropping there are many hydro power plants on the Drava river: eight in Austria, nine in Slovenia: Dravograd, Vuzenica, Vuhred, Ožbalt, Fala, Mariborski otok, Melje, Zlatoličje and Formin (on the channel) and two in Croatia. The first and last hydro power plant in the Slovenian territory have a storage reservoir, the other power plants in the chain are flowing in a system where the first water power station supplies water to all the others.

Did you know that Šoštanj thermal power station produces an average of one third of the energy in Slovenia?

Power plant

Šoštanj Thermal power plant produces an average of one third of Slovenian energy , in crisis periods it can produce even more than a half. TEŠ with its 488 employees annually produces 3,946 GWh of electricity power. Thermal power station consists of three blocks and two gas turbines, the total output power amounts to 687 MW.

Did you know that HSE sells 49% of electricity in the domestic market and 51% in foreign ones?


7,921 GWh of produced energy is annually sold by HSE in the Slovenian market and 8,068 GWh abroad. Compared to 2009, in 2010 HSE had a 72% growth in electricity sales abroad, while for the first time in its history the company sold more than 51% of energy  abroad.