SENG Hydropower Plants

SENG Hydropower Plants, with an available power bordering 161 MW, tend to the optimal use of the river Soča's water potential, its affluxes and other renewable sources, while acknowledging the environmental conditions and demands of the users in the area. On the level of the HSE Group, the centre in Nova Gorica is tasked with ensuring optimal and quality production of all hydropower plants in the river Soča. SENG Hydropower Plants built the first pumped storage hydropower plant Avče (opening was on 31 March 2010). This hydropower plant will contribute to the increase of production of off-peak electricity that the Slovenian electricity system needs and the already existent production capacities of SENG and HSE. Along with the already mentioned benefits the role of the pumped storage hydropower plant Avše is also important for the regional and urban development of the area.

Hydropower Plant No. of turbines Net capacity Rated generation capacity of generators Rated flow (Qi)
Doblar I. 3 30 MW 48 MVA 96
Doblar II. 1 40 MW 50 MVA 105
Plave I. 2 15 MW 22 MVA 75
Plave II. 1 19 MW 23 MVA 105
Solkan 3 32,4 MW 39 MVA 180
Zadlašica 2 8 MW 10 MVA 2,2
Male HE 19 MW

Twentyone smaller hydro plants exploit the power potentials of the Soča’a tributaries. The HPP on the Tolminka Stream is of particular interest due to the fact that it also features a trout hatchery, while the Zadlaščica plant also provides the town of Tolmin with potable water.


Soške elektrarne Nova Gorica
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SI - 5000 Nova Gorica


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E-mail: seng@seng.si
Web: www.seng.si

SENG Manager

Vladimir Gabrijelčič


Supervisory board

Matjaž Eberlinc, Ph. D.
Nenad Trkulja, M. Sc.
Silvester Medvešček