How many energy-saving light bulbs do you have at home?
A few
All of them
Did you know that HSE is the largest electricity producer in Slovenia?


Positive energy

"Energija si"

We consider efficiency to be important in the work we do while solving the difficult situations we meet every day, in sports ... in short, efficiency in whatever we do. If we want to be successful and efficient in doing this, we need vital energy.

Energy is in everyone. We need it to live, to work, for fun and to socialize, nevertheless we need different external sources of energy for lighting, heating, cooling, electrical and electronic equipment functioning, transportation, etc. One of these sources is certainly electrical energy, infact, we cannot imagine today’s life without it. Only when we run out of electricity we do really realize how much we depend on it..

Do we manage electricity efficiently?  Are we aware of its importance and can we manage it properly? This is the aim of the "You are energy, be efficient" campaign.


The "You are energy, be efficient" campaign strives to change, progressively, the wasteful spending habits. This can be achieved only through long term - even many year term – operations. In order to ensure a sustained process of various activities to promote energy efficient products, technologies and other energy efficiency opportunities, the campaign manager of the Informa Echo agency has attracted the attention and partecipation of numerous Slovenian organizations and companies.

Thus, at the initiative of the Informa Echo Agency, the network of business and social usefulness (or in short Synergy Network) was created. It represents an organized, non-institutionalized form of interacting legal entities that wish to contribute to society sustainable development with their socially responsible actions.

Interesting contents:

Step by step, cars are going to be replaced by Eco-cars
Step by step, cars are going to be replaced by Eco-cars
An Eco-car is a car, a motorcycle or any vehicle powered by fuel produced from renewable energy sources. It does not burden the atmosphere with CO2 and dust particles.
Plačam kolikor porabim (»I pay as much as I consume«)
Plačam kolikor porabim (»I pay as much as I consume«)
The »Plačam kolikor porabim« information campaign has urged the Ministry of Economy to facilitate the proper implementation of heating costs division and settlement according to actual consumption regulations.