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Did you know that Šoštanj thermal power station produces an average of one third of the energy in Slovenia?


Environmental Protection

Environmental protection


The conditions of an open market for electricity in Slovenia and especially external markets demand certified quality in the sense of an organised group and the appropriate handling of the environment, also the appropriate approach to electricity production or other energy products. Products with appropriate certificates achieve better sales and sometimes only with suitably certified products can certain markets be reached.

HSE operates and works within quality standards that demand of it a responsible relationship to the community with which it cohabits and which it affects with its operations. Our success is therefore measured not only through tangible measures but also through indirect measures where we are able to achieve the satisfaction of our intended public and their consensus on the widest acceptability of our business moves. That is why we formed an environmental policy at the very beginning of our activity. We can summarize this policy in a few basic points:

  • To produce electricity with a minimal effect on the environment,
  • To respect all legal standards and recommendations,
  • To introduce the best state-of-the-art technology available, so that the impacts on the environment are as minimal as possible,
  • To encourage the development of renewable electricity sources,
  • To achieve a partnership relationship to local communities and together solve environmental problems and plan the long-term development of electricity manufacture,
  • To achieve the permanent operation and development of energy capacities.

The basic goal of the environmental policy remains that the HSE Group ensures a lasting balance that it achieves by taking preventive measures to eliminate environmental damage, dividing responsibility and including the environment into individual business processes.

Every company in the HSE Group as well as the controlling company produces electricity according to the international quality certification ISO 9001 and the international environmental certification ISO 14001. By following them consistently, a safe and environment friendly production of electricity in all hydro-energy facilities is assured. With environmental sanitations and modernisations, both thermal power plants have also reached a more environment friendly technological level. Coalmine Velenje was one of the first coalmines in the world that provided a healthy and responsible relationship with the environment in accordance with the standard.

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