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Did you know that Šoštanj thermal power station produces an average of one third of the energy in Slovenia?


Important events in the history of the company

  • Year 2001 - Establishment


    On July 26th 2001 the Act establishing the limited liability company  HSE d.o.o. was approved by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

    The Office of RS for the Protection of Competition issued a decision declaring that the concentration of the electrical power plant companies  Dravske elektrarne Maribor, Savske elektrarne Ljubljana, Soške elektrarne  Nova Gorica, Termoelektrarna Brestanica, Termoelektrarna Šoštanj and the coal holding, Premogovnik Velenje, in the Holding Slovenske elektrarne was in compliance with the law.


  • Year 2002 - Employment


    HSE employed the first personnel, took over management and optimization, and began to supply electrical power.

    Two subsidiaries were established:  HSE Invest d.o.o. in Maribor and HSE - IIP d.o.o. in Sevnica.

    The construction of the chain of the Lower Sava River hydro power plants (HE Boštanj) officially began.

  • Year 2003 - Expansion


    The construction of HE Pavel II and HE Doblar was completed. On April 24th 2003 the solemn opening took place.

    HSE opened its representative office in Belgrade.

    HSE Italia started to be in office.

    HSE was the first company in the Southeast part of Europe to become a member of the European Energy Exchange in Leipzig (EEX).

    HSE obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001 and the environmental management certificate ISO 14001.

  • Year 2004 - Trading


    A society contract was signed between HSE, DEM, SEL and SENG to conclude the recapitalization process of the HSE Invest company.

    HSE started to trade on EEX with terminable contracts.

    The foundation stone for ČHE Avče was laid down.

    HSE launched the Blue Energy brand.

  • Year 2005 - Changes


    The renewal of the Upper-Drava power plants was completed - the gained strength due to renewal was 67.3 MW and the planned production increased by almost 10 percent.

    SENG opened mHE Klavžarica.

    TEŠ is one of the first thermal power plant in the world to have obtained the certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001.

    PV obtained the certificate USP S10 and became the first Learning company in Slovenia.

  • Year 2006 - Openings


    On May 27th the first in a chain of five new hydropower plants on Lower Sava River, HE Boštanj, that can generate an annual average of 115 GWh of electrical power, was opened.

    In SEL the largest photo-voltage power plant in Slovenia was opened.

    HSE opened a branch in Prague.

    HSE officially opened a subsidiary in Hungary, HSE Hungary, based in Budapest.

  • Year 2007 - Purchases


    HSE and the Republic of Bulgaria signed a contract to purchase 100 per cent stake in Toplofikatsia-Ruse society.

    HSE  established a subsidiary society in Bulgaria, HSE Bulgaria.

    HSE opened a representative office in Romania.

    HSE additionally capitalized the subsidiary HSE Adria that obtained a license for trading, brokerage and representation in the electrical power market.

  • Year 2008 - Record achievements

    Record achievements

    In  TEŠ the first 42 MW gas turbine to generate electricity was opened and along with the use of coal,  natural gas started to be utilized.

    In Slovakia, HSE established the HE Bratislava branch.

    On  November 12th  2008 at 10 o’clock PV performed for the first time in the history of Slovenia, according to the Guinness Book of World Records also on a global scale, a live video transmission with a 210 metre digging, the longest one.

    TEŠ started burning wood biomass, which helped to meet EU requirements in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Year 2009 - Growth


    HSE established a new company in Macedonia, the HSE Mak Energy.

    DEM achieved a record daily production of electrical power since it became operational  - 13,984 MWh.

    HSE started the realization of children's contest prize Modri Jan.

    HE Blanca launched a trial operation. HE Blanca first generating aggregate unit was synchronized with the electrical power network in November 2008, the other two in March and April 2009.

  • Year 2010 - Anniversaries


    On March 30th 2010 opening ceremony for the start of the ČHE Avče took place.

    HSE received a share certificate "Family-Friendly Company".

    HSE established HSE BH in Bosnia.

    On September 19th 2010 there was the 50th anniversary of the entry into operation of HE Ožbalt.

    HE Boštanj began to operate without a working team.

    HSE received a bank transfer of 52 million euros as purchase money form the majority sale of 51-percent share of the thermalelectrical
                                                                    power plant Toplifikatsia Ruse in Bulgaria.

  • Year 2011 -  Challenges


    HSE established Srednjesavske elektrarne d.o.o..

    On January 12th 2011 a loan agreement amounting to 200 million euros was signed with the EBRD to finance the construction of a replacement Unit 6.

    TEŠ obtained the environmental permit for the operations of the large combustion plant in replacement Unit 6  which entered into force at the beginning of March 2011. With this permit all the requirements for granting construction permissions for a replacement Unit 6 were met.