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Management policy

HSE management system policy

HSE Management System Policy encompasses Quality, Environmental Management and Safety.

The System is based on the following principles:

  • Responsibility for the implementation of specific jobs arising from certain direct and unequivocal mandates.
  • Accountability for achieving the objectives in relation to Quality, Environmental Management and Safety, represents an integral part of the core requirements for the implementation of individual jobs.
  • Each individual, irrespective of his/her position, be it at the strategic, tactical or operational level, is accountable for the implementation of objectives in relation to Quality, Environmental Management and Safety, subject to and in accordance with his/her responsibilities and authority.


Key company objectives also include the goal of bringing processes into compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard.

Our ongoing objectives regarding Quality have been specified in the HSE Strategic Plan and in the Business Plan, as follows

  • meet customer needs and wants,
  • achieve set strategic and tactical business objectives,
  • establish the optimum organization and transparency of business operations,
  • operate in accordance with applicable regulations, and
  • exercise continuous vigilance over the economic aspects of the business so as to ensure sound company performance.

Environmental Management

HSE and its subsidiary companies are well aware that a high level of environmental awareness ensures a pleasant working environment and good relations with our neighbours. Intensive efforts towards sustainable development in terms of environmental management are being made on the local as well as the government levels. We aim for continuous improvement of working and living conditions of HSE employees and the population residing in the vicinity of HSE companies.

To this end, our environmental policy has been developed so as to conform to the ISO 14001 requirements.
The key objective of the HSE environmental policy is to establish a permanent balance, which can be achieved by implementing preventive measures, by preventing environmental damage/contamination from occurring, by sharing responsibility and by including environmental management into individual business processes.

HSE Environmental Policy reflects HSE strategic directions and the strategic orientation of HSE subsidiary companies.
We are only too aware that our present development should not jeopardize the development of the present and future generations.


Concern for the improvement of Occupational Health and Safety conditions in the working environment, by taking into account the specifics of the HSE processes and subsidiaries of the HSE Group, is an integral part of the HSE Group and reflects our care for our employees and the company’s attitude towards the social environment where we live and operate.

For us at HSE, compliance with the relevant applicable legislation represents merely the minimum level to be achieved and improved upon, as evidenced by our introducing and following the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard.