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Who are we?

The HSE Group is the biggest Slovenian organisation in the field of electro energetics and the biggest manufacturer and trader in electric energy in the wholesale market of Slovenia. Hydroelectric plants, thermoelectric plants and a coal mine, united into one brand - the HSE Group. From several different sources we produce a large part of electric energy in Slovenia, and in so doing we are guided by the principles of safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly supply to our customers. Beside the production of electric and thermal energy, we are also involved in the mining of lignite, sales and trading of electric and thermal energy, in futures contracts for electric energy, CO2 emission allowances, in certificates of origin and other certificates of electric energy from renewable sources, in the improvement of the production of the HSE Group, in the assurance of system services which are necessary for the operation of the electro energetic power grid, and in the management and realisation of energy projects. 

Since its foundation, HSE has been the driving force of the Slovenia's development of the power industry and an equal competitor to the largest and best in the industry in the European markets.

Beside the Slovenian market, we are also active in eighteen foreign markets of electrical energy. Our companies, branch and representative offices are located in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania and the Czech Republic. We are a member of the German Power Exchange EPEX Spot, Austrian Exchange EXAA, French Exchange POWERNEXT, Italian Exchange IPEX, Czech Exchange OTE, Prague Exchange PXE, Hungarian Exchange HUPX, Romanian Exchange OPCOM, Regional Power Exchange Southpool (Slovenia and Serbia), Slovakia Exchange OKTE, Croatian Exchange CROPEX, Bulgarian Exchange IBEX and Spanish Exchange OMIE. In Greece, HSE has a licence to trade on behalf of the parent company, but all operations are carried out through the local market organiser LAGIE (Mandatory Pool). Other markets in which HSE Group enters into transactions are Bulgaria, Montenegro and Switzerland and the borders of Albania and Turkey. With a diversified business network we provide a quantitative growth and geographical expansion of business, development and strengthening of the company's reputation and that of the HSE Group and all of Slovenia through Europe.

Company profile

Company profile
Full Name of the Company: Holding Slovenske elektrarne d.o.o.
Short Company Name: HSE d.o.o.
Type of organisation: Družba z omejeno odgovornostjo
Address: Koprska ulica 92,1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Telephone: +386 (0)1 470 41 00
Facsimile: +386 (0)1 470 41 01
Share capital: 29.558.789,00 €
Size: Velika gospodarska družba
Structure of ownership: 100 % Republika Slovenija
Founded in: 2001
Tax File Number: 99666189
Registration Number: 1662970000
URL: www.hse.si
E-mail: hse@hse.si; info@hse.si

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