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Did you know that the Drava river is one of the most energetically exploited rivers in the world, almost 100%?



Development plans and investments

The use of electricity at home and in the world is constantly rising. That is why since conception we have been seeking ever new, additional projects and investments, through which we will ensure safe, reliable, competitive and environment friendly long-term provision of electricity to Slovenia. We are aware that:

  • Our customers depend on the high quality of our electricity,
  • When producing electricity, the optimal use of local sources and a reduction in the dependence on imports is what must be ensured,
  • Business expansion and the active participation on the joint European and international market is needed and also to search for sources that can substitute the gaps in domestic provision from outside the borders of Slovenia,
  • High efficiency is only reached with good utilisation of primary sources; that is why we constantly follow technological progress and keep our production machinery up-to-date,
  • A high level of reliability in supply can only be reached through appropriate source division,
  • Development of new sources and knowledge must be constantly taken care of.

The HSE Group, in concordance with its accepted long-term strategy, executes numerous activities in support of investment projects on the field of production sources. Planned investments and those already in action are intended for modernisation of the existing thermal power plant and hydropower plant capacities and the construction of new energy facilities, with which the already well structured sources for electricity production will be upgraded. With this, in accordance with the European energy policy, HSE is following these important goals:

  • Increasing the share of renewable energy sources,
  • Application of new technology with fossil fuel use,
  • Lowering greenhouse gas emission,
  • Increasing energy efficiency,
  • Long-lasting, environment friendly use of sources,
  • Searching for and using foreign investments.

The execution of development activities that follow the directives of domestic and European energy policies suits the criteria of long-term development and ensures the success of the HSE Group operations today and in the future. HSE actively follows the unified European electricity market policy and endeavours to achieve a global international agreement in the struggle against climatic changes. Increasing the international role of the EU in the area of security, development and economic relationships in the western Balkans and the strengthening of regional cooperation on the area of energy production are also of strategic importance not only for the EU and Slovenia as an EU member, but also for HSE, which considers expansion onto the southeast European markets as one of its strategic goals.

Planned projects

Project Investor
Construction of HPPs on the middle Sava river HSE d.o.o.
Construction of HPPs on the lower Sava river HSE, HESS, DEM, SENG, TEB in GEN energija
Unit 6 Termoelektrarna Šoštanj
CHE Kozjak Dravske elektrarne Maribor
Modernisation of digging equipment Premogovnik Velenje
Coal transshipment station Termoelektrarna Trbovlje